A Life Told in Dog Names

My Dog Jolene

Last night I watched “My Dog Skip”, a beautiful movie set in the 1940’s about a boy (author Willie Morris) and his dog Skip. I cried the entire time.

I took comfort in the sweetness and nostalgia of the story. I’m even crying as I write this in the time of Coronavirus. I was seeking comfort for a time where I am grabbling with the unknown. The stress and fear that come with uncertainty can be overwhelming. One of my biggest fears is who would care for my dogs if I got it. I don’t know.

“My Dog Skip” was a chance to revisit a simpler time in the memories of childhood, the love of family and place and all the dogs that have been my companions.

My life in dogs:
Sam (posthumously Saint Sam)
Jake E. Boy
Atticus Finch (Atty)
Riva Ridge

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