Trust the Whisper

In yoga we talk a lot about release. For me 2019 has been the year of release. There have been so many times I thought I was done only to find myself in another round of letting go of expectations, a false sense of control, old thoughts, beliefs, stored emotions, ignored pain, people, groups, pets, teachers, habits and material things. I am exhausted.

This morning on my mat I felt nauseous. I thought, “what more do I have to release?” Then came a sense of peace and trust. This is no longer a time of release, but a time of regeneration.

During Savasana the next step came to me like a whisper, “practice yoga everyday for the next 30 days.” Years of practice has taught me to listen to those whispers I receive on my mat. The whisperer has never mislead me.

I have been setting intentions and becoming frustrated with the lack of forward movement. That is forward movement at the pace I want. For the next 30 days I will focus on just being on my mat each day. No expectations, rules, time limits or set flow. Just move as I am guided.

I trust the whisper.

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