Book Review: Beyond the Point

The Bitter Southerner’s 2019 reading list description caught my attention, “Beyond the Point might be the beachiest beach read on our list. Don’t forget to pack it.” I enjoy a smart beach read and the story of three women who forged a friendship at West Point sounded like a winner.

After two months I finally got a copy. The waitlist at the Nashville Public Library for local author Claire Gibson’s book was long.

Claire grew up at West Point where her father served on the faculty. Her insight into the lives of the cadets and her respect of the institution and rituals is reflected in care she took to create this story. The time she spent with former female cadets gives the work depth and plausibility.

August in Nashville is hot, humid and miserable. I read this one in the pool. I cleared my calendar so I could come home from work and read. It was a wonderful week. The pool is not required for maximum enjoyment.

The characters are smart and are fully developed. They have flaws, fears, pain and triumphs. They have a bond forged by showing up for each other when life is hard.

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