A Broken Arm, Cancer Season, Mercury Retrograde and Dog Trainingo

Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) are smart, high energy, alert, protective and loving towards their “herd.” They require lots of exercise and training. They can be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. They are not ideal for condo living. I have read that it can take four years to train one. I have found this to be true. My current dog Riva is a three-year-old Heeler, Australian Shepard and Rottweiler mix. She is my third Heeler mix. We live in a condo and spend many weekends on a farm.  She is a handful who is very protective and approaches life bark first.  She is willing to fight. When she was a young pup, I realized that she often mirrors my mental/emotional state.

Two weeks ago I came home with a broken arm. The first few days Riva acted oddly towards me. She did not like that I was staying in bed. She did not want to walk with my neighbor, so draining her energy was not happening. She would scratch at me cast. She was confused. I was feeling sorry for myself and how my summer plans had changed.

On July 3rd my sister came to get me and the pups to take us to the farm for an extra-long 4th of July weekend. Riva and I spent most of our time on the porch. As I spent the days just being, stored emotions began to surface. I followed my yogi advice, I allowed the emotions without attaching to them or creating a story. There was a lot of sadness. Sometimes it felt like I was mourning. I don’t know exactly what was working out of me, but I allowed the emotion and the tears. Astrologically this was a time of an eclipse in Cancer and Venus in Cancer which for me I understand to be about relationship dynamics, family, self-forgiveness and the well-being of my inner life.

On Sunday I noticed a difference in Riva. She was calmer. She was not overly alert, she was relaxed when people came by to visit and she did not bark at the horses when we walked by them. She was totally chill.

The relaxed Riva has continued at home. She is still alert on our walks, but her body is looser. She is calmer around other dogs. She is different.

Maybe I am also different.

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