How to Live with the Itch You Cannot Scratch

Yoga teachers talk a lot about returning to your breath and staying present.

This week has really tested my willingness to do both things. Breaking your arm as an adult who lives alone is a challenge. It is easy to wallow in self-pity and just sit in bed and cry while eating potato chips and cookies. That got old after the first morning.

Lessons from this week:

1. Focus on the breath and not the pain or itch.

2. This is not forever so be open to new ways is seeing and doing things. Be open to learning and seeing what new might arise from the situation.

3. I have an amazing support system that has gone above and beyond with food, dog care, transportation, companionship and help with things I can’t do with only one hand.

4. I can change my go to, “ I’ve got it” to “Will you help me?”

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