Letting go is scary

In the last two weeks become brave enough to finally let go even of some relationships even though the loop inside my head that was yelling things like: Scary! Security! What if (blank) happens?What if you fail? And the scariest of all: you’ll be ALONE!

I jokingly say I’m a girl who can’t say no. I want to do everything and end up over committing which leaves me tired and frustrated. Last weekend all of my plans fell through and I spent the weekend at home resting, reading and getting clear I what I really wanted for the rest if the summer.

The list was surprisingly simple:

  • more connection with my circle
  • read a book a week, bonus for reading in the pool after work
  • have friends over to the pool after work
  • resume taco Thursday with my neighbor
  • create illustrated journal pages
  • practice yoga 3-5 times a week
  • walk at least 2,000 steps with my dogs every morning
  • take off every Friday afternoon to paddle board
  • Make dates to have friends to paddle board with me.

Next I made the choices of what I had to let go. I have been letting go all year, it must be my cosmic theme for the year, but some things were lingering. I sucked it up and did a couple of hard things. I also said no to some invitations that did not match my list. This is different as usually I’m as yes to pretty much every offer.

I am happy to say that in the last week I have done or made plans to align with my list. I feel rested. My dogs are happier. And I have lots of time scheduled with the people I want to spend time with doing the things I want to do.

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