Align your actions with your ultimate scenario

Believing that something is possible before it is reality is dreaming. Directing your energy and action towards the dream creates reality.

Today I taught yoga outdoors. The play list was a symphony of birds chirping. My view was a lake and lots of green. After yoga, I took a walk around the lake where I watched two delicate deer drink from the lake. My reward was watching a Blue Heron show off his fish.

Being outdoors is and has been important to me. I do something -sit, eat, walk my dogs, hike, ride my horse, paddle board, swim, practice yoga – outdoors everyday. This daily fix is necessary for my mind, body and spirit. I feel connected to the seasons, the sky and the earth. I feel aligned.

My dreams involve the outdoors and open spaces with yoga, horses, a farm, family and friends. I feel aligned.

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