Thoughts weave reality

Thoughts weave themselves into reality. What if you spent the week seeing how you view the world? I am.

I love teaching yoga.

I used to think I would never commit to teacher training. I loved my practice and didn’t feel the need to change. One day I received an email about an upcoming teacher training. My entire body came alive with what I call the sparkles. When you body yells yes, you listen.

I have been teaching now for just over a year. I teach at a university where I have a mix of students and staff in my classes. The vast majority are new to yoga. We are learning from each other. I am committed to teaching studio quality classes that are focused on sound alignment. I bring in breath work and techniques to calm the parasympathetic nervous system. I mix up class and playlists so there is always a sense of fun.

My students have taught me how to cue poses and helped me find my voice. The way they physically move through flows and their smiles, or lack of smiles, are the feedback I use to see where I can improve. I take variety of classes and seek out learning opportunities to keep growing.

My dream is to teach yoga on the family horse farm in Kentucky. I also have ideas for helping riders, primarily female, use their breath to calm themselves and therefore their horses.

I don’t known where yoga will lead, but I am loving the in-between space. I am not where I was and I am moving to where I will be. I am present. I am happy. I am following my sparkles.

Instagram @theyogacowgirl

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