Lessons Learned

1. I really enjoy spending time with my Dad, riding horses and hanging on the porch at night. Rather than learned, this is a remembered and grateful.

2. I have continued with watching my thought patterns. Everything clicked this week with a Melodie Beattie reading. She asked that I imagine a grumpy friend that but me down all the time and constantly complained. Next imagine a friend that laughter easily, was encouraging and loved fun and adventure. Which friend would I keep? Why do I keep the grumpy friend my head? LIGHTBULB MOMENT!

3. I have practiced over 200 hours at @epicstudio. Excited to see the shirt I get for my commitment to my yoga practice.

4. There is a Melissa Etheridge & Bruce Springsteen Duet of Thunder Road! Made my day.

(May 18-24, 2019)

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