Summertime! Remembering the magic

Remember when you were in school and you couldn’t wait for summer break? Time was open and the living was easy. Summer meant days at pool or lake, bike rides with friends and piling into the car with family to road trip to your vacation destination.

While having an entire summer off is no longer a given for most adults, it doesn’t mean the magic is lost.

What do you plan to do this summer to celebrate the longer days and warmer temperatures?

I’ll start:

1. Work on perfecting my porch sitting skills. Reading is acceptable. Cold drinks are a necessity.

2. Spend at least one afternoon on my paddle board. Find a cove, drop anchor to read or just float looking up at the sky.

3. Go to the lake for a sunrise paddle.

4. Eat an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen, preferably outside.

5. Take the dogs to the park after work. Set up a blanket in the shade and let them eat dinner out of a Kong while passing the afternoon during the dog days of summer.

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