What I Learned this Week (5/17/19)

1. Just say thank you

When given a compliment, women (myself included) tend to downgrading whatever was praised. “It was cheap.” “These pants are old.” My good work/accomplishment was “nothing.” Women, please say thank you and celebrate the good you bring forth, know that it matter and rejoice that it is noticed.

2. Noticing my patterns

I use a variety of weekly planning and self evaluation tools. This week’s assignment was to notice and explore the patterns I create. What I explored was my thought patterns. Particularly how I create strife or confrontations that play out in my head. Fascinating

3. PT Every Day

I have a short flow that I do every morning that is a mix of yoga and physical therapy exercises for my cranky hip. I’ve been feeling really good lately, so I skipped the practice one day this week. That one miss set me back a couple of weeks.

4. Sometimes good deeds are rewarded. It is wonderful when someone says thank you. Particularly with pie.

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