Crazy or Blessed?

One of my oracles this week suggested that I get to know my guardian angel. Known her name and maybe what she looks like. So this morning I while walking the dogs, I asked my guardian if she was with me and got a yes. So I asked her name and got Tawanda. She is a modern Diana (goddess of the hunt, Moon, nature, animals & woodlands.) She has short red hair and a square, athletic build. Cool

Diving to work I “felt” a presence in the back seat and said “Hi Tawanda,” and what I got back was a deep, southern voice of a smoker saying, it’s Tammy. Tammy is a curvy, course, drag queen decked out in tight, red sequence with BIG red hair trying to reach God. Her inspiration is Our Lady of the Trailer Park, Dolly.

Now I am trying to figure out if I am blessed or crazy.

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