Release: November Word of the Month

For the last two weeks my morning reflection/meditation cards have been about non-attachment, reviewing the stories I tell myself, looking at things from a different perspective and being an observer of my own life. My journal prompts have been about reviewing the past year. Where did I put my energy? Did my energy and values align? What do I need to let go so I can focus my energy and my values moving forward.

Yesterday I made three columns on a journal page: Values (where my time was spent), Celebrate and Release.  I reviewed my daily, two-sentence journal for the past year and started filling in the columns. I was happy to see that my values/energy are very in line with my desires. The releases were not surprising either, they are the things that even thinking about them fills me with a sense of dread.

This morning’s cards encouraged me to go inward, to see what I need to release from my mental and emotional closet. Most of all, what stories are keeping me chained to limiting beliefs and repeating patterns. It is amazing what comes up when I give myself room and permission.  It is surprising to “see” what I have been telling myself and even more surprising to discover that I believe that shit! I look for evidence to make that shit true. Whoa

Join me in some pre-holiday & New Year madness. What do you need to release?

November is an example of not always having my word of the month quickly. I can pick one, but that does not mean it is what I need for the month.

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