Two Words for September: Get To

One of my colleagues was asked to describe his work in three words. He only needed two, GET TO. He explained that there were only two things you have to do while you are alive, breathe and eat. Everything else is is a ‘get to’.

I have been pondering this gentle reframe for the past week. I love the simplicity and beauty of this concept that seems opposite of our harried culture. It is a way to slow down and evaluate the purpose of daily tasks.

Every time “I have to” has crossed my mind, I stop and reevaluate my perception. I find myself rushing from one task to the next because I have so much to do. This results in anxiety and anger as I feel pressed to meet the demands I am creating. Yes, I have obligations at home and at work, but ‘get to’ allows me to tap into the purpose, the why of how I spend my energy.

For the month of September I am going to focus on what I get to do each day and will share what I ‘get to’ do Instagram at @theyogacowgirl. I invite you to join me and tag your photos #I_get_to_Sept18.

I look forward to what I learn from this process.

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