Word for August

At my usual Saturday morning yoga class, the teacher suggested a word for everyone to focus on during class. It was a simple word. It was allow. During class she would draw our attention back to our focus. For example in a balancing pose, what if we allowed the unsteadiness? Holding a hip opener, what if we allowed the space we were opening to not be filled? She suggested that we continue to focus on the word for the rest of the day or maybe for the week or even a month just to see what would happen. My month of allowing was transformative. It enabled me to soften in some messy relationships. I was sold on the concept of a monthly focus.

For the last year and a half, I have picked a word a month. Sometimes I pick intentionally and sometimes the word picks me. Sometime the same word shows up every few months. There are no rules.

My word for August 2018 is discomfort.

To me this means sitting in my discomfort rather than fleeing. Discomfort is staying in King Pigeon pose even though my quads are screaming. Discomfort is staying in the moment of change rather than opening up Facebook to divert from the fear. Discomfort is witnessing patterns self-sabotage. Discomfort is letting go of that no which no longer serves me. I do not what is in store for me, but I will stay with my discomfort to see what is on the other side.

I encourage you to pick a word for the month. It can be anything that calls to you: water, watermelon, green, sweet, juicy, nourishing or fun. Let me know your word, and if you like, what you learn over the month.

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