Summertime Blues

Every year about this time, I get a case of the blues. With the 4th of July summer has hit the halfway point. I have taken my long vacation and the return the real life is jarring. I love my life, but I have a deep craving for the ease of vacation to continue.

I know what self care I need to help me transition. I will return to my regular yoga practice for the peace that comes with aligning breath and movement, the physical exertion and the sense of community in the studio. I will spend time with friends to laugh, catch up and connect. I will spend time outdoors paddling on the lake and/or taking the dog on. Walk to the swimming hole. I have some long weekends with friends planned. The cure for the blues is savoring life regularly and not just on vacation.

What is your cure for the summertime blues? Put it on you calendar for this week. You’ll be glad you’d did.

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