The First Step

When I was a kid in elementary school my life goal was to live on a hill with my dogs and horses. On the bus ride to school I would imagine my fantasy adult life. I picked out the spot where adult me and my menagerie would live. The bus drove by it twice a day. Then my family  moved away from Kentucky and my dream was put out of mind.

The First StepAfter 19 years, my parents, sister and I all returned home on our own. My parents retired on a small horse farm and I finally got that pony I always wanted. We talked about me taking on the farm in the distant future. I liked the idea, but was not completely sure it was right for me.

In the last year I have come to realize that I have always known what I wanted and where I wanted to be. The elementary school dream was true. If I had not lived other places, tried on other roles and followed other routes I would not know where I truly want to be. Part of life is making wrongs turns and taking the long way home.

Now that I know what I want, my challenge is patience as instant gratification is not realistic. Now I start living the dream by practicing and teaching to become the kind of yoga teacher I want to be and by continuing to learn and take steps that are necessary to run and support a small pleasure horse farm with a house on the hill. This blog will follow me as I embark on my journey.

My future house on the hill is six miles from the spot I picked out on my bus rides.

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