Four-Year-Old Me

Saturday I was in the woods riding with my good friend . We were deep a large, old growth forrest full of oak, maple, birch, hickory, walnut and sycamore trees. The light breeze moved vibrantly green leaves enough to make the light dance on the trail. The dense canopy blocked the harsh sun light and … Continue reading Four-Year-Old Me


I teach my first yoga class since the move on Thursday night. I will be facing a room of regulars that do not know me, friends that may have never taken a yoga class before, much less one with me, and the studio owner. She is the only person that has ever taught in her … Continue reading Jitters

It’s Derby Day!

When I was a kid, my favorite three days of the year were Christmas, my birthday and Derby Day. I was obsessed with horses and got into the Derby hype that was hard to miss in Kentucky. My first crush was Riva Ridge. I was devastated when his Triple Crown campaign was over in the … Continue reading It’s Derby Day!


Leaving my cousin’s house after early Sunday morning coffee, I was running by my aunt’s house to grab a set of keys. As I drove by what used to be my grandfather’s farm and home, I took in the early spring beauty from the variety of greens displayed by the budding trees and renewing grasses. … Continue reading Exhale


I started playing WORDLE in January. I sucked at it. I found it challenging, but I kept showing up to play each morning. I don’t remember if my brother or I brought it up to the other first, but daily results started appearing in our text chain. He and I talk and/or text every day, … Continue reading WORDLE Unites


Our culture tells us that January is a time to set goals, reinvent ourselves to push harder to be more, to be better, to be perfect. Our bodies tell us to rest, to dream and to regenerate so that we may burst into our fullness as the light begins to overtake the dark. As the … Continue reading Regeneration