Our culture tells us that January is a time to set goals, reinvent ourselves to push harder to be more, to be better, to be perfect. Our bodies tell us to rest, to dream and to regenerate so that we may burst into our fullness as the light begins to overtake the dark. As the … Continue reading Regeneration


The day before Thanksgiving I was listening to “The Marie Forleo Podcast” as I ran some final errands around town. The topic was how to disagree and still get along at the holiday table. I was not expecting uncomfortable topics around the table, but sometimes my family can get sideways in our communication. The takeaway … Continue reading Humanity

Fall Meditation

As part of my daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling, I like to include some type of self inquiry. Asking a question at the beginning of a yoga practice, walk meditation and/or morning pages can often lead to the answer appearing later in the day.  Fall is a time of death that is easily … Continue reading Fall Meditation